Over Extending

So since moving to New York I have been spreading myself thin and I don’t mean that in regards to time. Mentally and emotionally I feel overwhelmed . Sharing that energy with people, the new conversation and getting to know someone when I already made my mind up in the first five minutes of meeting them. I think most people can see red flags right away and we ignore them. I use to be that way blinded by looks, money, or just a charming personality. The problem with me is I have a hard time hurting peoples feelings as if telling them how I feel is going to just kill them. Truth is it won’t . They’ve just met me and have absolutely nothing invested. I can’t do that anymore. I don’t even want to date. I did meet a guy I like so why not just date him. I have always hated putting my eggs in one basket but truth is maybe I will and if it doesn’t go anywhere than so be it. It’s better than wasting energy I could be putting into myself on pointless people who I really believe I won’t have a future with.

Dating in our society

First off let me start by saying yes I am a millenial and I love being one. I think our generation definitely were a huge driving force in breaking down stereotypes, acceptance, and rebelling against societal norms. But have we gone to far ? I mean what happened to flowers on the first date? dinners even? Yes you do have people our age who still do it but it is few and far between. Now its just we swipe right and the next message in our tinder inboxes are ..” Wanna come over and hangout? ” or ” I want you to sit on my face” now again we all love sex for the most part and I love a fearless guy or girl but damn! lol clearly that person isn’t looking to marry me. But here I am looking for the love of my life on tinder. Maybe thats the problem? But between work, social life, and just being tired it’s hard to meet people the old fashion way. lets be honest .. I’m fairly normal so theres a pretty good chance most people on there are also normal. So whats the problem? why is it so damn hard to meet someone who is genuine and looking for the same thing I am? Maybe its not our generation maybe its me .