Today is my 27th birthday, first off not to be dramatic but as a child I never would of dreamed I would make it to 27. I am so thankful I did. This year has been weird with the pandemic and world events that have taken place but it was a really great one.

I lost 30 pounds , I started taking care of myself mentally and physically, I live in beautiful New York and I’m blossoming. The person I use to be wasn’t always calm, cool, and collected . Nor was she grateful. I went through most of my life defensive and like a hurricane ready to wreck every and anything in my path. It was kill or be killed for, survival of the fittest you could say.

The older I’ve gotten I’ve learned to soften myself , let down my guards, accept things that I cannot change and genuinely change the things I cannot accept.

Over 100 people wished me a happy birthday today. I was overwhelmed with emotion, their were people Ive never met messaging me saying how much I inspire them to be themselves and how much they look up to me, as well as people I know and love saying the exact things. Saying that me ‘Alexis’ is their role model . It made me think maybe I haven’t been the wrecking ball I thought I was all these years.

I am filled with gratitude and love. The life position I am in at 27 feels as if I’m exactly where I need to be , and I will continue to grow and move in the direction that is meant for me.

Cheers to many more, and thank you god for the years you’ve already given me.

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