So you think you aren’t worthy?

It’s easy to get lost in the world of not only social media but the real world. However; before the internet your pick of the litter only came from people you physically met , unless you were prison pin pals lol. So I think its safe to say we all feel threatened and insecure at times. We know that people can go on their phone and have 30 different apps that connect them with millions of people. Rather it be dating apps or social media apps. 

It’s easy to get inside your head about all the beautiful or handsome people out there that they could be talking to or better yet to put it simply , comparing you to. Human nature is to want more, to just take a peek and SEE if the grass is greener. Ninety percent of us want someone we are attracted to or for that matter want someone FINE as hell . So its easy to be casually dating an attractive person, who seems pretty cool and fun and still be looking. 

Why is it so hard to focus on one person at a time? Now I whole heartedly believe no-one should settle for anything less than what they want. Even if the things they want happen to be extremely shallow (which isn’t the case for most People) but some people lack substance so they genuinely could give a fuck less about the inside. ( fuck those people but all power to them ) Anyways to all my readers with real feelings let me tell you I’ll be the first to admit I not only have been the person for five years looking for greener grass but also I’ve been overlooked. 

I recently was out on a date with someone I liked and their phone was blowing up with hinge notifications . At that moment it suddenly dawned on me that everyone else is looking for the same thing . I felt somewhat helpless In a sense. Not to be dramatic but I just did. It felt like at that moment there’s nothing I could do to feel worthy

A few days went by and I kept thinking of that guy on more dates, doing the same romantic things, saying the same shit, and taking them the same places. Those few days I felt sad, insecure, misunderstood , and unlovable. I started criticizing myself. Needless to say I snapped out of it and remembered who the fuck I am. I AM worthy. There will always be prettier people, smarter , more fun, “better” body, and more charismatic . But their will NEVER be anyone like me , or like you. Let’s be honest most of us didn’t fall in love in love before with the hottest person on earth. Yet we found our partner more desirable than anyone. We didn’t care about them being perfect, we liked how imperfect they were. We loved their spirit, energy, looks, vibes, how they made us feel, the connection. 

We are ALL worthy. We all have something to contribute and to give to the world and to a partner that no-one else has. We are all unique. Someone will love us for who we are despite the fact that they have millions of options, despite the fact that we aren’t perfect, or maybe don’t look like the typical beauty standards. Your perfect person isn’t comparing you to anyone else because you’ve already won. The same way you aren’t comparing them, you could give a fuck who else exist because at the end of the day when you’re scrolling through your phone , past all the social media men and women, they’re perfect to you, they’re what you think about from dusk till dawn. 

YOU are worthy

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