Being Single

Now you know I love being single, I am the single fucking advocate , some other post I’ve written have been about finding love and companionship and that is a beautiful thing that I look forward too one day. But for all my single people… ENJOY this time!

Don’t sit and think about how much you want to be with someone day in and day out, because often times you end up settling because you’re becoming desperate !

I know , I know no-one wants to be called desperate , you think of yourself more as a hopeless romantic right? The word hopeless screams desperation unfortantely! What I’m trying to say is enjoy this time, enjoy whatever phase of your life you’re in. If you’re newly single, recently divorced, been single your entire life. Learn to enjoy this time by yourself and alone.

One day you will be talking to your good Judy on the phone about how much your partner is getting on your nerves and how much you want to ring their neck. LOL! You will reminisce on the days when you were single and all of the good times you had.

Go out, date, vibe with people . Enjoy the dating phase or the phase of not dating at all. We often times don’t live in the moment. We are constantly thinking about what we want instead of what we have, and it isn’t until later when we look back that we actually appreciate and miss the old days.

In conclusion I’m just saying it’s ok to look, to date, to even search! But it’s also ok to be single and it’s not a bad thing no matter what age you are. Take this time to enjoy YOU!

PS. The perfect person is out there for you.. The stars will align and they will find you when you least expect.

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