Self-Isolation : Coronavirus Quarantine

If you live on planet earth then you probably are familiar with the fucking coronavirus ! Well about 8 weeks ago I left the busy city of New York to fly down to Chattanooga, Tennessee and self isolate with my best friend . Given that my job in New York closed and the city has become the epicenter for the virus I got the hell out of there before it was too late .

I must say it’s been a stressful 8 weeks . I’ve gone through so many phases . The shocked phase, the fearful phase worrying about my family and people all over the world and how it would effect them , the conspiracy phase , and the horny and irritated phase !

I am officially tired of being inside ! The weather is getting warmer , the days are longer , and I’m ready to get back out there ! I wanna go on dates , I wanna share a cigarette outside of a bar with my friends, I wanna call up one of my hookup buddies at 2 in the morning and ask if I can come over . Never did I imagine I would be sitting inside of a house with no clear idea as to when this will all end . But I’m thankful . I’m thankful to everyone who reached out , I’m thankful for my health and the health of my loved ones , I’m thankful for Instagram live , alcohol, weed, and porn . This is a difficult time for us all .. some much more than others . But I think this has taught a lot of us to appreciate life more , and understand how delicate and fragile it is , and to say yes more often when friends ask you to hangout , call your family more , and take nothing for granted .

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