Wasted Time

When people say time is precious we often overlook it. But that is a very real and true statement and being told to not waste your time, or value your time is some of the best advice you can receive. You just have to really receive it. Because that is such a general statement and rings true when it comes to anything , for the sake of my blog I will concentrate on romantic relationships.Imagine spending a life investing in the wrong person. Settling for good enough, or maybe not even that , just settling. Looking at life through a fish tank watching people flourish with their partners, watching them be happy, watching them be fulfilled. It doesn’t have to be like that. You can do bad on your own. Don’t stay with someone out of comfort, or Because you have kids, or Because you have hope in them. There’s a difference between having a rough patch and being in a rough relationship, and we all know the difference even if we try and lie to ourselves. Your time , Your youth, Your health, you can’t get that back. Don’t give that to the wrong person when chances are there is someone much more deserving of that time, someone who appreciates it, someone who invest in you the way you invest in them. One day you will look back and think about all the good years you wasted on the wrong person. They are just a PERSON. Yes you love them, maybe they can change , but why should you be used as a punching bag or a doormat until they do? Leave. GO! Because it will probably end eventually so why invest more days, months, years in this relationship?DO NOT waste your time. It’s the most valuable thing you have and we are all just borrowing it.

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