Shake it off

More often than not we live in a delusion when it comes to dating… Sometimes it feels like we like him more than he likes us. We go on these great dates he makes us feel like we are the only woman in the room, that we are special. But more times than not we aren’t. When dating you have to know that a lot of times people are dating more than just one person, especially with online dating. Everything is so accessible and a lot of us are on the hunt through a jungle of endless men and women. So naturally we date as much as possible and “do our thang” until we find someone that sweeps us off our feet. Sadly for most women we are much more easily swept off our feet than men are. So that leaves us feeling like shit when a guy moves on and things die down. The thing i’ve learned is to not interalnize these situations. It’s not us, we aren’t a problem. He’s just not into you. He had fun and maybe you guys had a great connection for a night, a week, or a few months, but that doesn’t mean you two are meant to go the distance. Dating is about experience what you like and don’t like and just going with it. You don’t have to settle for every guy that shows you a good time and feels “good enough” so why sit up and stress about it? Stress about him? move on and find the perfect fit because the perfect fit is out there for you .

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