Over Extending

So since moving to New York I have been spreading myself thin and I don’t mean that in regards to time. Mentally and emotionally I feel overwhelmed . Sharing that energy with people, the new conversation and getting to know someone when I already made my mind up in the first five minutes of meeting them. I think most people can see red flags right away and we ignore them. I use to be that way blinded by looks, money, or just a charming personality. The problem with me is I have a hard time hurting peoples feelings as if telling them how I feel is going to just kill them. Truth is it won’t . They’ve just met me and have absolutely nothing invested. I can’t do that anymore. I don’t even want to date. I did meet a guy I like so why not just date him. I have always hated putting my eggs in one basket but truth is maybe I will and if it doesn’t go anywhere than so be it. It’s better than wasting energy I could be putting into myself on pointless people who I really believe I won’t have a future with.

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